Dear Tesla Motors, Please Hurry!

December 18, 2009

I think since they’ve already delivered 600 of these $109,000 cars they should have enough money to start building the next model.  The model S they call it.  It has four doors and longer range for half the price.  Hopefully the third model will be even less expensive and have better range and the fourth model will be even better than that.  Eventually they will have trucks and vans and everything else.   I wish they would hurry because they will basically save the world with all electric cars.  If we charge them with solar panels, windmills, hydro, or geothermal then the pollution we are pumping into our kids’ lungs will be less.  Save the world, Tesla Motors, but please hurry!


Another Example of How Religion Poisons Everything: SWINE FLU: GOD’S LATEST PUNISHMENT OF IDOL-WORSHIP « Republican Faith Chat

April 27, 2009

I found this blog linked on today and it was filled with so much hate and ignorance I just had to comment on that page.  This person is another one of those brainwashed into thinking god punishes us through natrual disasters, plane crashes, and terrorists.    Here is my comment (in case they remove it from the blog post):

“ It’s time to stop believing in Santa Claus. Time to grow up. Time to realize we are all one species of mammal all sharing the same atmosphere and crust of a liquid hot ball of elements that will one day be destroyed by our own star when it runs out of hydrogen fuel. Once you realize we are all the same your hate will go away. Once you realize that religion was invented by man your hate will go away. I used to be a Christian Baptist until I hit 10th grade in high school and actually learned about how the world and universe works. I no longer needed a made up explanation of magic to fill in the gaps. I realize there are still a few more gaps but they don’t require a made up imaginary answer. Please stop the hate and get the best education you can, even if it’s just reading some books and research on the internet. Thank you for your time and may you have good journeys.”

Toyota RAV4-EV Secrets

February 10, 2009

Toyota made a vastly superior all-electric car back in 2000-2002 called the RAV4-EV. General Motors is about to release the Chevy Volt in 2011. GM claims that 40 miles of all electric only driving is the best they can do with the batteries they are using before the small gas generator starts up to power the electric motor. This is with new technology Lithium Ion batteries from LG. Why is GM going with these batteries when they could be using the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries Toyota used in the RAV4-EV? These batteries can take the RAV4-EV over 100 MILES on a single charge. This is even AFTER 100,000 MILES OF USE. Lithium Ion batteries can only hope to last that long before losing some of their capacity or needing to be replaced altogether. Would someone please let me know why GM is sabotaging the Chevy Volt in this way? Here is a video to get you started on how awesome the RAV4-EV is, how it’s charged by the owner’s solar panels on his house, and how Toyota can make a car vastly superior to the Chevy Volt today:

Here is my comment on about Solar Power

February 2, 2009

Any solar power is better than no solar power. It is a fact that the most electricity is used during the day when the sun is up. This means there will be less stress on the grid when the most power is needed. The idea is to slowly but surely make the grid as clean as possible. I think that more money needs to be spent on a smart electric grid that is resilient to attacks like the internet. If one node goes down, it simply reroutes the power through the remaining nodes. The more nodes the better! I would much rather see more renewable energy plants rather than fossil fuel ones. Not only do fossil plants make pollution and greenhouse gases but they are based on a finite fuel that will eventually run out. We need to go ahead and put in place the renewable energy technology now and not wait until we are about to run out and it cost ten times as much. That is the key. Any time we build something like a solar power plant, a wind farm, hydro plant, or even an electric car it takes fossil fuels. We need to go ahead and start making as much of the renewable technology as we can now while fossil fuels are relatively cheap. If we wait until we are about to run out of fossil fuels it will be much more expensive and may even cause some more wars. It just makes sense.

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Windmills in the Sky Generate More Power

September 25, 2008

Windmills in the Sky Generate More Power – Technology – InfoNIAC

Why haven’t we already built hundreds of these things?  We’ve had the technology to do this since the early 20th century.  Unlike solar power – which is very good for keeping up with demand during the day – the wind at higher altitudes doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.  These things would also pay for themselves in a very short amount of time compared to coal, nuclear, or any other power plant that requires the purchase of fuel.  I say get started on this yesterday.  What do you guys think?

Coal Power Plant Retrofit With Solar

August 21, 2008

Coal Power Plant Retrofit With Solar

Now this is what I’m talking about.  A real solution to helping reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  By adding the solar concentrating mirrors to boil the water in the pipes the sunlight is concentrated on instead of coal you have a coal power plant that makes the same amount of electricity but uses almost half as much coal.  Also, this new type of concentrating mirror trough system only needs 2-2.5 acres to generate one megawatt of power instead 5-7 acres so you get more for your money and a quicker return on investment.  My favorite part about solar power plants is that once they are paid off from selling the power it makes over time the fuel is free so the return on investment is not only quicker but the profit margin is greatest since the cost to operate is so incredibly low.  Solar just makes sense.  On a side note, here is a neighborhood of about 100 homes that have commited to all put solar photovoltaic (sunlight directly into electricity) panels on every one of their roofs.  This made it possible for the company doing the installing to get the panels for HALF OFF THE COST so the return on investment would be around two years and the neighborhood would have next to free energy (depending on how much energy they actually use) after that.  If I didn’t live in the woods with a small opening for sunlight I would do this too!  I may end up using Southern Solar Systems to install a solar hot water heater for me though since you only need a little bit of sun to do it.

Hurry and comment on the ZEV2008 Mandate!

August 11, 2008

Before it’s too late!  Go here:

Put in your comments to the board and tell them we NEED the 2008 zero emission vehicle (electric vehicle) mandate.  It’s up to Americans to take responsibility for the future.  Tell the lawmakers not to wait until the oil runs out to suddenly change over to all electric cars in a panic.  It is a much better idea to change over slowly and a little at a time.  Here is my comment I sent earlier today:

Thank you for your input.

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Comment 2483 for zev2008 (15-1).

Subject: We NEED Electric Vehicles


It has gone beyond something a few people just want to something

America needs to survive. It’s time to face the facts. The earth

will eventually run out of oil. Why base anything – much less your

entire economy – on something that will run out? It would be very

easy to pass laws similar to the ZEV2008 that would help Americans

afford to install solar PV panels or even thin film PV shingles on

their roofs to fuel their EV cars and trucks as well as their

homes. If we don’t start changing our transportation over to

electric drive soon, we won’t have time to change over once the

oil has run out. It would be A LOT cheaper to do the change over

slowly and a little at a time rather than in a panic once we find

out there is no more oil to get. Instead of trying to make

synthetic oil to use to make gasoline and diesel why not just

convert over to all electric powered by the sun and wind? It

would be cleaner, quieter, and better for consumers since they

won’t need oil changes, tune ups, and unnecessary trips to get

other repairs internal combustion engines are known for. If you

don’t pass the ZEV2008 you will go into the history books as the

reason why America’s future failed. If you DO pass the ZEV2008

you will go into the history books as a hero – actually the savior

– of America’s future. Thank you for reading my comment and I hope

you take what I’ve said to heart.

ExxonMobil Posts Record Profits AGAIN

July 31, 2008
Big Oil

Big Oil

Money Beat

It’s not that I don’t like companies that actually make money for their shareholders, but I think the line has been crossed in this case.  People are having to drive less and pay more for everything like food and basic necessities.  There has to be some sort of middle ground between the oil companies making record profits and the average American being able to have extra income to spend on things other than the basics.

I think I say it best in my comment on the linked ABC blog above:
The problem has always been the lack of consumer choice. When we buy a car or truck we have only once choice of fuel type: gasoline created from oil. We are just now in 2008 starting to see Flex Fuel (TM) vehicles that can use domestic ethanol E85 fuel. There needs to be more than two choices. There should be electric cars that I can charge with solar panels on the roof of my house. After 5-10 years the fuel would essentially be free after saving the money I would be spending on gasoline and power from the grid. I say let the oil companies do whatever they want to do to help their shareholders, but they need to let go of their semi-monopoly on our transportation. There wouldn’t be so many grassroots electric vehicle conversions going on if automakers in the US like General Motors would just have kept their EV1 going instead of recalling and shredding them to pieces. Anyone who reads this needs to watch the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” just to have the information out there. If GM would have kept the EV1 going, and put more out there on the road then the invisible hand would have put incentive out there for the battery companies to make better batteries, etc. Since the EV1 came out in the 90’s then by now we would have the EV2 or EV3 with better range and a lower price just from economies of scale.

Impact of GM Destroying the EV1

July 30, 2008

Impact of GM Destroying the EV1 – Seeking Alpha

I don’t think I could have made a better comment than this person’s:
“…for all the money the US has wasted in Iraq, it could have instead bought 100,000,000 hybrid
vehicles to replace US citizens’ gas-guzzling SUVs. Obviously this
would have not only been a much wiser use of US taxpayer money, but
would have cut foreign oil dependency, helped to clean up the
Earth’s atmosphere, saved many lives, and perhaps have rescued the
faltering US economy and currency from its current oil-dependent
death spiral.”
Just imagine if GM had NOT killed the EV1?  My wife and I both would be driving one.  By now the battery technology would be at least double if not triple the capacity since so many would be on the streets it would behoove battery companies to be the supplier.  General Motors would instead be the greatest American hero (not the TV show) instead of the faltering, bankrupt, money and job loser it is.

Now it seems that it’s up to Tesla Motors to do what GM could have already been doing for the past 15 years.  They are going to be an all electric car company that sells only 100% electric cars.  Right now they only have the one sportscar model to choose from.  But, the customers that buy these models are helping to pay for the techonolgy and tooling required to drive down costs of the next models (see paragraph five and six) through economies of scale.  I can’t afford the Tesla Roadster but I do want to help them get their next model out as soon as possible.  So I bought this T-Shirt.  You can help them out too by visiting their store and buying something as well.  Come on Tesla Motors, hurry up the cakes!  There’s no reason why we shouldn’t all be driving electric cars fueled solely on FREE energy from solar panels on our rooftops.  No reason.

Saharan sun could power European supergrid

July 23, 2008

Saharan sun could power European supergrid | Environment |

If Europe can do it so could the USA.  We have more than enough sun all over the southwest to give us clean power when we need it most (during the day).  We could use the molten salt idea to generate several hours worth (if not all night’s worth) of power at night.  If the molten salt didn’t last all night we could use our wind, hydro, and ocean tidal power plants for the few hours of the night that we needed.  Even if we just used the power during the day from the sun and used our current grid (50% coal) for the few hours at night would that not be a HUGE reduction in greenhouse gas and toxic gas production?  I think it would be a great investment for the American people and our government leaders should push for this as soon as possible.  Do you agree?