I started taking karate classes!

I guess Monica got fed up watching me mimic Max’s moves as he was doing them in class because she bought me a year’s worth of karate classes and all the pads, gear, and uniform required.  (Thanks, Monica!)  Last night was my second class ever (I go every Tuesday and Thursday) and I already learned how to break someone’s arm at the elbow by bending their arm backwards over my shoulder.  That should come in handy any time someone reaches over my shoulder to rob me.  I just hope I can remember the moves and such so I don’t stay a white belt the whole time.  I already have to write everything down in my smartphone so I don’t forget it.   Maybe karate moves are easier to remember.  One thing’s for sure, I am getting the exercise I need and I am learning something that I can use to protect my family and I.  Oh, and it’s really fun.


One Response to “I started taking karate classes!”

  1. Derek Says:

    I’ll be sure not to tick you off now! 😉 Hope you have fun, and get some good exercise (mentally and physically). Rock on.

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