Aptera – My next car

Get more looks than a $100k sportscar!Aptera

I think I may trade in the BMW for this car. It comes in two choices of drive train: 1. All electric plug-in and 2. Gasoline electric plug-in series hybrid. In both cases the back wheel is driven only by an electric motor with electricity stored in the main battery. In the first case you can only go as far as the battery will let you which is around 120-150 miles (they say) then you will have to stop by the nearest electrical outlet and plug it in for 2-4 hours for a full charge. In the second case you get a small 2 cylinder gas motor connected to a generator that can refill your battery while you are still driving giving you 300+ miles per gallon. I would choose the second model in order to take it on long trips (it can hold two full-length surf boards in the back) and it doesn’t cost that much more than the first option. Even with the second model you could still go whole entire months without using a drop of gasoline! Just plug it up every night and you’ll never use all the battery during your daily back and forth to work.  I am excited about this kind of technology.  We should have had cars like this back in the 90’s.  Too bad GM had to kill the electric car.  Now people have to go and make their own.


One Response to “Aptera – My next car”

  1. Derek Says:

    I’m not sure, but I read a Wired article about an X Prize for a 100 MPG car and this looks like one of the contestants. 100 MPG was part of the criteria, but then there were others I think. What a neat effort.

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