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Wild turkeys invade our house!

February 29, 2008
Monica came home early from work two days ago to let our new puppy out to go “potty”. On her way out she noticed something in the front yard through the window. It was a literal blanket of wild turkeys from the woods! She grabbed her new camera I bought her for winter solstice and took pictures from every window on every side of the house as they made their way around scratching in the dirt looking for food.  Monica said she counted 41 turkeys!  Now we have to come up with names for all of them. I suggested using the names of all our past US presidents. What do you think?
Locust TurkeysFlowerbed TurkeysMarauding TurkeysLeaving TurkeysSingle Turkey

Diebold voting machine key copied from pic on Diebold site – Boing Boing

February 6, 2008

Diebold voting machine key copied from pic on Diebold site – Boing Boing

Wow.  The key to every Diebod e-voting machine.  Really?  Right on the front page of your site.  Really?  That’s something special right there.  I hope the people counting my old-fashioned paper vote don’t figure out how to hack that.  What a horrible punch to the solar plexis of our democracy (I’m taking karate – trust me it hurts)!  I can’t wait to see – no matter who the next president turns out to be – what is going to be done about education, health care, the environment, renewable energy, American Idol and Lost, oh yeah and the thousands of people who are still dying for nothing in Iraq.   People are dumb.  Especially us Americans.  I’m ashamed really.