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Max and his dad are in USA Today

March 31, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 29: Max Mathis, 6, ri … – Cruise Log –

Here is a picture of Max and his dad on their weekend trip to Washington D.C.

He’s famous now. Next he’ll be signing autographs…


Egypt is fighting over bread. Are we next?

March 25, 2008

Egypt is already fighting over bread.  Are we next?  I’ve already noticed the price of, well, everything going up.  When Monica said something about the price of food going up I said that it may be because the shortage of water is making that more expensive to make things like soda, etc. and the rising cost of gas/diesel is trickling down to the consumer.  I predict we will see some sort of major crisis in my generation’s lifetime relating to oil and fossil fuels.  I hope it doesn’t get to the point where the local grocery store is rushed by a mob and people start shooting each other over food and water.  We are already headed in that direction with Alabama, Georgia, and Florida fighting politically over tap water.  If the current trend keeps up the local governments will have to pass water use laws and give people tickets for wasting water on their lawns or in swimming pools very soon.  I can even imagine it getting so bad the water company will have to physically turn off the water to everyone’s homes during certain times of the day because people will undoubtedly be greedy and want to take all the water for themselves and waste it on a long hot shower and hot tub while everyone else is clamoring just for water to drink.  I may need to go ahead and set up a large rain collection system we can use for flushing toilets and sinks, etc.  If it gets too bad we should go ahead and get some solar panels or solar water heating system in place in case the power grid goes down and the workers can’t afford gasoline for the trucks to fix them.  Let’s all hope I’m wrong.

Plug In America – Promoting Plug-in Cars for a Better America

March 10, 2008

Plug In America – Promoting Plug-in Cars for a Better America

It’s time America wakes up to the fact that we will eventually run out of oil and that gas prices will only get higher from now on.  We will never see less than a dollar for a gallon of gas again.  So we need those powers that be and the rich business types that actually run the USA to start investing in solar and battery/energy storage technology and research.  The best possible future we can set for the generations of homo sapiens to come would be to set up a massive solar infrastructure using the cheapest solar cells and solar heating units on as many rooftops and other areas where the sunlight is being wasted and not being captured in some way (heat or electricity).  There is enough energy hitting the dessert area of the Southwestern USA every day to generate ten times the entire US’s TOTAL generation today from all types (nuclear, hydro, coal, etc.) and still have leftovers to store for the night.   Electric cars have more torque than gas engines do from zero RPM and have two to three times the efficiency since there are only three to five moving parts (compared to the many hundreds of parts that need to be replaced/maintained or the entire engine fails).  There really is no reason for the US automakers to not shift their entire fleets over to 100% electric with some sort of range extending option like a small gas motor that only turns a generator to restore power to the batteries that you would only use once or twice a year when you go more than 250 miles in one day.  I don’t see why people have to be so greedy and thoughtless so as to not care about the future generations that will have to deal with the coming oil crisis.  It can be solved RIGHT NOW with technology we’ve had SINCE the 90’s.  People are stupid and greedy and don’t care.

On a side note, Tesla Motors delivered their first production car off the assembly line this past week.  They already have the funding lined up to start developing prototypes of their 100% electric sedan code named “Whitestar”.  I can’t wait to see if we can afford it!  I’m so ready for an electric car I can taste it (it tastes like it does when you touch a 9V battery to your tongue).