We Invaded Iraq for their Oil

For all the skeptics here is proof: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D90148180.htm
Monica told me that we invaded for their oil from the very first discussion about it. There really is no war going on. We simply invaded the sovereign country of Iraq and told them their best bet would be to sell their oil to the highest bidder. I understand this is a free market and everyone should get the most out of their resources but at what cost to others? America will probably sink under the financial trouble the Iraq invasion has cost and IS STILL COSTING us with money and lives. Anyone who still believes we are fighting terrorists in Iraq have been nicely brainwashed by the “system”. I feel a bit like Morpheus from The Matrix telling everyone that they need to wake up and see the truth. The truth in this case is not that humans have been turned into power sources for the machines, but that our government has been usurped by the rich and powerful who’s only goals are to be even more rich and powerful. While everyone else is paying closer to $4 per gallon of gas, I am going to do more to help support www.pluginamerica.com and their ideas for a sustainable and CLEANER future with electric transportation fueled by energy created here in the USA or with solar converters on the rooftops of buildings and the car itself. If anyone has a better idea for a more sustainable and completely clean future of transportation than Plug In America’s please leave me a comment and explain it.


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