Turn garbage into electricity and fuel and roads!

Garbage Problem? Vaporize It., Florida County Plans To Ditch The Dump With Lightning Power – CBS News

Solve two problems with one solution! Basically instead of burning garbage with fire you disassociate every atom and molecule using electric plasma arcs. Then the gases can be used as a fuel in cars and the waste heat can create steam to turn turbines. It uses one third of the energy it creates to run itself so the extra gases and electricity can be sold back to pay for itself. As the world population grows we are making more garbage but are at the same time running out of space for landfills to bury our garbage. As more people build houses and cities sprawl out exponentially the energy needs of the globe are increasing as well. This solution solves both problems. I, for one, welcome this new technology and give it “Josh’s Seal of Approval”.


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