Everyone in the world needs to watch this.

It is very important that everyone on this planet watch this video all the way through. It not only shows some of the many facts that support evolution but also shows why intelligent design is so wrong. It is the year 2008 for crying out loud. The human race should know by now that killing each other for ignorant reasons is just wrong. I, for one, will be working evolution into as many conversations as possible from now on – as long as I can remember to do so!

The Rockefeller University – A Symposium on Evolution


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6 Responses to “Everyone in the world needs to watch this.”

  1. croixian1 Says:

    I could not agree more with you. You are right, it is 2008 and yet we still hold onto vastly outdated myths and fairy tales.
    I am afraid that no matter what is said about evolution, no matter the evidence, Christians (and other religious people) will continue to stick their fingers in their ears and yell “Nah, nah, I can’t hear you!”
    I know this because of my mother. A very intelligent woman with two Masters degrees said to me once: “I don’t care what science says. I don’t care what they can prove. I don’t care if it took God 7 days or 7 million years, I’m going to believe in God.”
    Its called cognitive dissonance, and it is a sad way to think.

  2. Origin and Destination Says:

    Ramgarden, none of us have a monopoly on truth. Truth, in my opinion, is rather speculative, and relative at the same time. It is governed only by our freewill to do right by one another.

    In my many years of seeking my origin, I have yet to discover how mankind gained a foothold on this planet without an ultimate authority of some kind.

    In my search, I have yet to discover a common link between mankind’s DNA and that of any other creature on this planet.

    When DNA was discovered, then a program used to search origin, mankind’s DNA was traced back to one common ancestor, a man from Africa.

    I have discovered that the Hebrew Bible finds in roots in Samaria. In that, each Old Testament story is from a time thousands of years before the stories in the Bible are claimed.

    These ones called Adams, appear to have come on the scene 8 to 10 thousand years ago, yet a form of mankind has been here for hundreds, maybe millions of years.

    I reject organized religion. I believe the Vatican is the most criminal corporation on the planet, second only to the royal throne of the United Kingdom, yet, at this point, with all I know, I would be a fool to believe I am here by chance.

    The chance that I got here by chance, would be like a bomb going off in a junk yard and creating this computor I use each day.

    In my heart, I know there is an ultumate athority whom I choose to call God, or Yahweh. Yet, He is not in a brick and mortar church, He resides in the heart of men willing to seek His face.

    I hope you will visit the link I have left here for you. Please, spent the time to watch all the videos I have linked to my pages. Read what I have wrote, even on the “Matters of Faith” page found by clicking on the “Primary Home Page” at the top of “Origin and Destination” and seek the One who created, who counts each hair on your head.

    This tyranny will end soon, allowing a time of peace.

    Rest assured, the one called “Samjaza” from the Book of Enoch, will be locked away as we, the true children, assend on high.

  3. croixian1 Says:

    Origin and Destination…I’m sorry to say it this way, but you really are an idiot.

    “In my search, I have yet to discover a common link between mankind’s DNA and that of any other creature on this planet.”

    I guess you’ve yet to hear that human and chimps have 98% of the EXACT same DNA in our cells?

  4. ramgarden Says:

    I think he has his fingers in his ears…

  5. croixian1 Says:

    I suppose he does, most conservatives and most religious folks do. I should know, my mother is that way. A woman with two masters degrees shuns science.

  6. Celeste Says:

    I totally agree with you. I just wanted to know where you got the image for the above post. I wanted to make a banner in support of evolution to put up on my blog and was wondering about copyright issues.

    Do you own the image? If so, can I get permission to use it? I’ll credit you of course.
    Let me know.


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