Obama’s In Control: No More Lobbyist Contributions To Democratic Party

Obama’s In Control: No More Lobbyist Contributions To Democratic Party – Politics on The Huffington Post

America, wake up and smell the change a commin’.  It’s high time we all grow the F up and vote for someone who is smart and knows not only what the average American wants for our country but also knows how to get the government to do it in a fair and just manner.  I am going to volunteer for Barack Obama and actually go door to door and call people on the phone and let them know why Barack Obama is the best choice for our children’s future.  See http://factcheck.barackobama.com/


3 Responses to “Obama’s In Control: No More Lobbyist Contributions To Democratic Party”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Maybe Obama needs to get rid of lobbyist that working for him!

  2. Derek Morrison Says:

    That’s really cool that you’re so passionate about Obama’s vision. Are you serious about volunteering?

    I do feel the need to be a little cautious however – presidents have a poor track record for actually doing what they say. Even Lincoln kinda said he wouldn’t free the slaves if he was elected.

  3. ramgarden Says:

    Yes I’m serious about volunteering! I’ve never been involved until now. This is also the first time I’ve ever donated to any election whatsoever. I think Obama is very serious about upholding his issues. This is a great example of how quick and swift the changes will come about too!

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