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ExxonMobil Posts Record Profits AGAIN

July 31, 2008
Big Oil

Big Oil

Money Beat

It’s not that I don’t like companies that actually make money for their shareholders, but I think the line has been crossed in this case.  People are having to drive less and pay more for everything like food and basic necessities.  There has to be some sort of middle ground between the oil companies making record profits and the average American being able to have extra income to spend on things other than the basics.

I think I say it best in my comment on the linked ABC blog above:
The problem has always been the lack of consumer choice. When we buy a car or truck we have only once choice of fuel type: gasoline created from oil. We are just now in 2008 starting to see Flex Fuel (TM) vehicles that can use domestic ethanol E85 fuel. There needs to be more than two choices. There should be electric cars that I can charge with solar panels on the roof of my house. After 5-10 years the fuel would essentially be free after saving the money I would be spending on gasoline and power from the grid. I say let the oil companies do whatever they want to do to help their shareholders, but they need to let go of their semi-monopoly on our transportation. There wouldn’t be so many grassroots electric vehicle conversions going on if automakers in the US like General Motors would just have kept their EV1 going instead of recalling and shredding them to pieces. Anyone who reads this needs to watch the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” just to have the information out there. If GM would have kept the EV1 going, and put more out there on the road then the invisible hand would have put incentive out there for the battery companies to make better batteries, etc. Since the EV1 came out in the 90’s then by now we would have the EV2 or EV3 with better range and a lower price just from economies of scale.


Impact of GM Destroying the EV1

July 30, 2008

Impact of GM Destroying the EV1 – Seeking Alpha

I don’t think I could have made a better comment than this person’s:
“…for all the money the US has wasted in Iraq, it could have instead bought 100,000,000 hybrid
vehicles to replace US citizens’ gas-guzzling SUVs. Obviously this
would have not only been a much wiser use of US taxpayer money, but
would have cut foreign oil dependency, helped to clean up the
Earth’s atmosphere, saved many lives, and perhaps have rescued the
faltering US economy and currency from its current oil-dependent
death spiral.”
Just imagine if GM had NOT killed the EV1?  My wife and I both would be driving one.  By now the battery technology would be at least double if not triple the capacity since so many would be on the streets it would behoove battery companies to be the supplier.  General Motors would instead be the greatest American hero (not the TV show) instead of the faltering, bankrupt, money and job loser it is.

Now it seems that it’s up to Tesla Motors to do what GM could have already been doing for the past 15 years.  They are going to be an all electric car company that sells only 100% electric cars.  Right now they only have the one sportscar model to choose from.  But, the customers that buy these models are helping to pay for the techonolgy and tooling required to drive down costs of the next models (see paragraph five and six) through economies of scale.  I can’t afford the Tesla Roadster but I do want to help them get their next model out as soon as possible.  So I bought this T-Shirt.  You can help them out too by visiting their store and buying something as well.  Come on Tesla Motors, hurry up the cakes!  There’s no reason why we shouldn’t all be driving electric cars fueled solely on FREE energy from solar panels on our rooftops.  No reason.

Saharan sun could power European supergrid

July 23, 2008

Saharan sun could power European supergrid | Environment |

If Europe can do it so could the USA.  We have more than enough sun all over the southwest to give us clean power when we need it most (during the day).  We could use the molten salt idea to generate several hours worth (if not all night’s worth) of power at night.  If the molten salt didn’t last all night we could use our wind, hydro, and ocean tidal power plants for the few hours of the night that we needed.  Even if we just used the power during the day from the sun and used our current grid (50% coal) for the few hours at night would that not be a HUGE reduction in greenhouse gas and toxic gas production?  I think it would be a great investment for the American people and our government leaders should push for this as soon as possible.  Do you agree?

Website Design Company | WideNet

July 16, 2008

If you need a web site for your company or even just a snazzy personal one, I recommend my friends at WideNet Consulting. I used to work side by side with their lead developer at a previous job. We have been friends since the seventh grade! We were in the high school marching band together for crying out loud! I could say I taught him everything he knows, but in fact he has actually surpassed me in web development knowledge. I remember introducing him to server-side scripting when we talked our boss into buying us the “Beginner’s Guide to PHP” book so we could create that company’s intranet.

So remember, if you need a website design company, call my friends at WideNet. Or visit their website at the address below! Make sure you tell them Josh P sent you!

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P.S. Chris, I hope to get any finder’s fee you may offer for extra business steered your way from my personal blog!

We Got a Victrola “Talking Machine”

July 7, 2008

Monica and I went to an antique mall on July 4th to look for an iron headboard and footboard for the bed and found this.  It was sitting open in the middle of one of their booths with a sign hanging on it that said, “Everything in this booth 50% off!”  I asked one of the guys that worked there if it worked and he said, “I think it does let me get the stuff for it.”  He went to the front and got a bag that had the hand crank, some needles, and the orginal instruction manual from 1912!  He stuck the crank in the side, gave it a few turns and flipped a small switch that mechanically operates a brake for the turntable and it started spinning.  We swung the arm around and sat it on the record that was on display and it started playing wonderfully!  It was kind of quiet so I looked for some sort of volume control to hear it over the mall’s speaker system’s music.  I opened the top two doors in the front and it was so loud I had to shut them again!  The sound actually goes into the needle arm and into a “horn” in the cabinet below!  By opening and shutting the doors you can control the volume from quiet to loud!  I think we broke one of the main springs – it has two – by winding it too much but it still works.  You have to crank it halfway through one side of a record to keep it from slowing down, but I got in touch with some people in Michigan that actually repair and restore these old phonographs.  I may take out the motor and send it to him so he can fix it and we can hand this down through even more generations to come.  It is very exciting and nice to have.  It also had three, leather-bound albums that held 8-10 records each.  We went to another antique mall yesterday and found three more record albums full of Victor Victrola records.  It is very neat to hear and see and talk about having.  We are proud of our really great find and we got it for less than half of what people ask for old, busted versions of the same thing!