Here is my comment on about Solar Power

Any solar power is better than no solar power. It is a fact that the most electricity is used during the day when the sun is up. This means there will be less stress on the grid when the most power is needed. The idea is to slowly but surely make the grid as clean as possible. I think that more money needs to be spent on a smart electric grid that is resilient to attacks like the internet. If one node goes down, it simply reroutes the power through the remaining nodes. The more nodes the better! I would much rather see more renewable energy plants rather than fossil fuel ones. Not only do fossil plants make pollution and greenhouse gases but they are based on a finite fuel that will eventually run out. We need to go ahead and put in place the renewable energy technology now and not wait until we are about to run out and it cost ten times as much. That is the key. Any time we build something like a solar power plant, a wind farm, hydro plant, or even an electric car it takes fossil fuels. We need to go ahead and start making as much of the renewable technology as we can now while fossil fuels are relatively cheap. If we wait until we are about to run out of fossil fuels it will be much more expensive and may even cause some more wars. It just makes sense.

Originally posted as a comment by RAMGarden on Stimulus Watch using Disqus.


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