Toyota RAV4-EV Secrets

Toyota made a vastly superior all-electric car back in 2000-2002 called the RAV4-EV. General Motors is about to release the Chevy Volt in 2011. GM claims that 40 miles of all electric only driving is the best they can do with the batteries they are using before the small gas generator starts up to power the electric motor. This is with new technology Lithium Ion batteries from LG. Why is GM going with these batteries when they could be using the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries Toyota used in the RAV4-EV? These batteries can take the RAV4-EV over 100 MILES on a single charge. This is even AFTER 100,000 MILES OF USE. Lithium Ion batteries can only hope to last that long before losing some of their capacity or needing to be replaced altogether. Would someone please let me know why GM is sabotaging the Chevy Volt in this way? Here is a video to get you started on how awesome the RAV4-EV is, how it’s charged by the owner’s solar panels on his house, and how Toyota can make a car vastly superior to the Chevy Volt today:


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