Dear Tesla Motors, Please Hurry!

I think since they’ve already delivered 600 of these $109,000 cars they should have enough money to start building the next model.  The model S they call it.  It has four doors and longer range for half the price.  Hopefully the third model will be even less expensive and have better range and the fourth model will be even better than that.  Eventually they will have trucks and vans and everything else.   I wish they would hurry because they will basically save the world with all electric cars.  If we charge them with solar panels, windmills, hydro, or geothermal then the pollution we are pumping into our kids’ lungs will be less.  Save the world, Tesla Motors, but please hurry!


One Response to “Dear Tesla Motors, Please Hurry!”

  1. Tom M Says:

    Nice blog, check out mine sometime. I think you might like it.

    Mini-E #250

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