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Hurry and comment on the ZEV2008 Mandate!

August 11, 2008

Before it’s too late!  Go here:

Put in your comments to the board and tell them we NEED the 2008 zero emission vehicle (electric vehicle) mandate.  It’s up to Americans to take responsibility for the future.  Tell the lawmakers not to wait until the oil runs out to suddenly change over to all electric cars in a panic.  It is a much better idea to change over slowly and a little at a time.  Here is my comment I sent earlier today:

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Comment 2483 for zev2008 (15-1).

Subject: We NEED Electric Vehicles


It has gone beyond something a few people just want to something

America needs to survive. It’s time to face the facts. The earth

will eventually run out of oil. Why base anything – much less your

entire economy – on something that will run out? It would be very

easy to pass laws similar to the ZEV2008 that would help Americans

afford to install solar PV panels or even thin film PV shingles on

their roofs to fuel their EV cars and trucks as well as their

homes. If we don’t start changing our transportation over to

electric drive soon, we won’t have time to change over once the

oil has run out. It would be A LOT cheaper to do the change over

slowly and a little at a time rather than in a panic once we find

out there is no more oil to get. Instead of trying to make

synthetic oil to use to make gasoline and diesel why not just

convert over to all electric powered by the sun and wind? It

would be cleaner, quieter, and better for consumers since they

won’t need oil changes, tune ups, and unnecessary trips to get

other repairs internal combustion engines are known for. If you

don’t pass the ZEV2008 you will go into the history books as the

reason why America’s future failed. If you DO pass the ZEV2008

you will go into the history books as a hero – actually the savior

– of America’s future. Thank you for reading my comment and I hope

you take what I’ve said to heart.


Website Design Company | WideNet

July 16, 2008

If you need a web site for your company or even just a snazzy personal one, I recommend my friends at WideNet Consulting. I used to work side by side with their lead developer at a previous job. We have been friends since the seventh grade! We were in the high school marching band together for crying out loud! I could say I taught him everything he knows, but in fact he has actually surpassed me in web development knowledge. I remember introducing him to server-side scripting when we talked our boss into buying us the “Beginner’s Guide to PHP” book so we could create that company’s intranet.

So remember, if you need a website design company, call my friends at WideNet. Or visit their website at the address below! Make sure you tell them Josh P sent you!

Website Design Company | WideNet

P.S. Chris, I hope to get any finder’s fee you may offer for extra business steered your way from my personal blog!

We Got a Victrola “Talking Machine”

July 7, 2008

Monica and I went to an antique mall on July 4th to look for an iron headboard and footboard for the bed and found this.  It was sitting open in the middle of one of their booths with a sign hanging on it that said, “Everything in this booth 50% off!”  I asked one of the guys that worked there if it worked and he said, “I think it does let me get the stuff for it.”  He went to the front and got a bag that had the hand crank, some needles, and the orginal instruction manual from 1912!  He stuck the crank in the side, gave it a few turns and flipped a small switch that mechanically operates a brake for the turntable and it started spinning.  We swung the arm around and sat it on the record that was on display and it started playing wonderfully!  It was kind of quiet so I looked for some sort of volume control to hear it over the mall’s speaker system’s music.  I opened the top two doors in the front and it was so loud I had to shut them again!  The sound actually goes into the needle arm and into a “horn” in the cabinet below!  By opening and shutting the doors you can control the volume from quiet to loud!  I think we broke one of the main springs – it has two – by winding it too much but it still works.  You have to crank it halfway through one side of a record to keep it from slowing down, but I got in touch with some people in Michigan that actually repair and restore these old phonographs.  I may take out the motor and send it to him so he can fix it and we can hand this down through even more generations to come.  It is very exciting and nice to have.  It also had three, leather-bound albums that held 8-10 records each.  We went to another antique mall yesterday and found three more record albums full of Victor Victrola records.  It is very neat to hear and see and talk about having.  We are proud of our really great find and we got it for less than half of what people ask for old, busted versions of the same thing!

I Joined the Church of Reality

June 12, 2008

Church of Reality

If it’s real, we believe in it.  My favorite part about this religion is that it’s not based on ancient fiction and dogma but actual reality and the here-and-now.  Since the core beliefs aren’t based on fiction with no evidence requiring faith with no proof, they are free to change like an open source religion.  I think it is very important that all of humanity work together as a whole to better the future for generations to come.  As of now, we seem to be spiteful, judgmental, greedy, hateful, bigoted, divisive, food-holes that are only here on earth temporarily until they can go to heaven to spend the rest of eternity not having to worry about much.  The Tree of Knowledge idea is a great one that needs to be pushed in schools and universities.  It is what really separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom.  I, for one, welcome this new religion with open arms – and an open mind!  From now on when people ask what religion I belong to I will answer with, “I am a realist.”

Max and his dad are in USA Today

March 31, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 29: Max Mathis, 6, ri … – Cruise Log –

Here is a picture of Max and his dad on their weekend trip to Washington D.C.

He’s famous now. Next he’ll be signing autographs…

Wild turkeys invade our house!

February 29, 2008
Monica came home early from work two days ago to let our new puppy out to go “potty”. On her way out she noticed something in the front yard through the window. It was a literal blanket of wild turkeys from the woods! She grabbed her new camera I bought her for winter solstice and took pictures from every window on every side of the house as they made their way around scratching in the dirt looking for food.  Monica said she counted 41 turkeys!  Now we have to come up with names for all of them. I suggested using the names of all our past US presidents. What do you think?
Locust TurkeysFlowerbed TurkeysMarauding TurkeysLeaving TurkeysSingle Turkey

Aptera – My next car

January 18, 2008

Get more looks than a $100k sportscar!Aptera

I think I may trade in the BMW for this car. It comes in two choices of drive train: 1. All electric plug-in and 2. Gasoline electric plug-in series hybrid. In both cases the back wheel is driven only by an electric motor with electricity stored in the main battery. In the first case you can only go as far as the battery will let you which is around 120-150 miles (they say) then you will have to stop by the nearest electrical outlet and plug it in for 2-4 hours for a full charge. In the second case you get a small 2 cylinder gas motor connected to a generator that can refill your battery while you are still driving giving you 300+ miles per gallon. I would choose the second model in order to take it on long trips (it can hold two full-length surf boards in the back) and it doesn’t cost that much more than the first option. Even with the second model you could still go whole entire months without using a drop of gasoline! Just plug it up every night and you’ll never use all the battery during your daily back and forth to work.  I am excited about this kind of technology.  We should have had cars like this back in the 90’s.  Too bad GM had to kill the electric car.  Now people have to go and make their own.

I bought myself a teapot for work

January 15, 2008

Mug Not IncludedThinkGeek :: IngenuiTEA 16oz Teapot

I purchaced the IngenuiTEA (pronounced ingenuity) from and now I can enjoy the awesomeness of loose tea. I work with a few people from China so they let me sample some of the better teas that we can’t get here in America. One of my Chinese coworkers just gave me a small, vacuum sealed package of tea to try (Chinese Tea Pack). He said that a box of these tea packs is around $100 US. That’s got to be some good tea. I’ll give it a try later today. I’ll update this post with my review and the actual name of the tea. I’m trying to drink more tea and less Mountain Dew. I’m up to my second cup of tea today and zero Mountain Dews.

I started taking karate classes!

January 9, 2008

I guess Monica got fed up watching me mimic Max’s moves as he was doing them in class because she bought me a year’s worth of karate classes and all the pads, gear, and uniform required.  (Thanks, Monica!)  Last night was my second class ever (I go every Tuesday and Thursday) and I already learned how to break someone’s arm at the elbow by bending their arm backwards over my shoulder.  That should come in handy any time someone reaches over my shoulder to rob me.  I just hope I can remember the moves and such so I don’t stay a white belt the whole time.  I already have to write everything down in my smartphone so I don’t forget it.   Maybe karate moves are easier to remember.  One thing’s for sure, I am getting the exercise I need and I am learning something that I can use to protect my family and I.  Oh, and it’s really fun.