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Hurry and comment on the ZEV2008 Mandate!

August 11, 2008

Before it’s too late!  Go here:

Put in your comments to the board and tell them we NEED the 2008 zero emission vehicle (electric vehicle) mandate.  It’s up to Americans to take responsibility for the future.  Tell the lawmakers not to wait until the oil runs out to suddenly change over to all electric cars in a panic.  It is a much better idea to change over slowly and a little at a time.  Here is my comment I sent earlier today:

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Comment 2483 for zev2008 (15-1).

Subject: We NEED Electric Vehicles


It has gone beyond something a few people just want to something

America needs to survive. It’s time to face the facts. The earth

will eventually run out of oil. Why base anything – much less your

entire economy – on something that will run out? It would be very

easy to pass laws similar to the ZEV2008 that would help Americans

afford to install solar PV panels or even thin film PV shingles on

their roofs to fuel their EV cars and trucks as well as their

homes. If we don’t start changing our transportation over to

electric drive soon, we won’t have time to change over once the

oil has run out. It would be A LOT cheaper to do the change over

slowly and a little at a time rather than in a panic once we find

out there is no more oil to get. Instead of trying to make

synthetic oil to use to make gasoline and diesel why not just

convert over to all electric powered by the sun and wind? It

would be cleaner, quieter, and better for consumers since they

won’t need oil changes, tune ups, and unnecessary trips to get

other repairs internal combustion engines are known for. If you

don’t pass the ZEV2008 you will go into the history books as the

reason why America’s future failed. If you DO pass the ZEV2008

you will go into the history books as a hero – actually the savior

– of America’s future. Thank you for reading my comment and I hope

you take what I’ve said to heart.


Saharan sun could power European supergrid

July 23, 2008

Saharan sun could power European supergrid | Environment |

If Europe can do it so could the USA.  We have more than enough sun all over the southwest to give us clean power when we need it most (during the day).  We could use the molten salt idea to generate several hours worth (if not all night’s worth) of power at night.  If the molten salt didn’t last all night we could use our wind, hydro, and ocean tidal power plants for the few hours of the night that we needed.  Even if we just used the power during the day from the sun and used our current grid (50% coal) for the few hours at night would that not be a HUGE reduction in greenhouse gas and toxic gas production?  I think it would be a great investment for the American people and our government leaders should push for this as soon as possible.  Do you agree?

We Invaded Iraq for their Oil

April 14, 2008

For all the skeptics here is proof:
Monica told me that we invaded for their oil from the very first discussion about it. There really is no war going on. We simply invaded the sovereign country of Iraq and told them their best bet would be to sell their oil to the highest bidder. I understand this is a free market and everyone should get the most out of their resources but at what cost to others? America will probably sink under the financial trouble the Iraq invasion has cost and IS STILL COSTING us with money and lives. Anyone who still believes we are fighting terrorists in Iraq have been nicely brainwashed by the “system”. I feel a bit like Morpheus from The Matrix telling everyone that they need to wake up and see the truth. The truth in this case is not that humans have been turned into power sources for the machines, but that our government has been usurped by the rich and powerful who’s only goals are to be even more rich and powerful. While everyone else is paying closer to $4 per gallon of gas, I am going to do more to help support and their ideas for a sustainable and CLEANER future with electric transportation fueled by energy created here in the USA or with solar converters on the rooftops of buildings and the car itself. If anyone has a better idea for a more sustainable and completely clean future of transportation than Plug In America’s please leave me a comment and explain it.

Egypt is fighting over bread. Are we next?

March 25, 2008

Egypt is already fighting over bread.  Are we next?  I’ve already noticed the price of, well, everything going up.  When Monica said something about the price of food going up I said that it may be because the shortage of water is making that more expensive to make things like soda, etc. and the rising cost of gas/diesel is trickling down to the consumer.  I predict we will see some sort of major crisis in my generation’s lifetime relating to oil and fossil fuels.  I hope it doesn’t get to the point where the local grocery store is rushed by a mob and people start shooting each other over food and water.  We are already headed in that direction with Alabama, Georgia, and Florida fighting politically over tap water.  If the current trend keeps up the local governments will have to pass water use laws and give people tickets for wasting water on their lawns or in swimming pools very soon.  I can even imagine it getting so bad the water company will have to physically turn off the water to everyone’s homes during certain times of the day because people will undoubtedly be greedy and want to take all the water for themselves and waste it on a long hot shower and hot tub while everyone else is clamoring just for water to drink.  I may need to go ahead and set up a large rain collection system we can use for flushing toilets and sinks, etc.  If it gets too bad we should go ahead and get some solar panels or solar water heating system in place in case the power grid goes down and the workers can’t afford gasoline for the trucks to fix them.  Let’s all hope I’m wrong.

Diebold voting machine key copied from pic on Diebold site – Boing Boing

February 6, 2008

Diebold voting machine key copied from pic on Diebold site – Boing Boing

Wow.  The key to every Diebod e-voting machine.  Really?  Right on the front page of your site.  Really?  That’s something special right there.  I hope the people counting my old-fashioned paper vote don’t figure out how to hack that.  What a horrible punch to the solar plexis of our democracy (I’m taking karate – trust me it hurts)!  I can’t wait to see – no matter who the next president turns out to be – what is going to be done about education, health care, the environment, renewable energy, American Idol and Lost, oh yeah and the thousands of people who are still dying for nothing in Iraq.   People are dumb.  Especially us Americans.  I’m ashamed really.