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Another Example of How Religion Poisons Everything: SWINE FLU: GOD’S LATEST PUNISHMENT OF IDOL-WORSHIP « Republican Faith Chat

April 27, 2009

I found this blog linked on today and it was filled with so much hate and ignorance I just had to comment on that page.  This person is another one of those brainwashed into thinking god punishes us through natrual disasters, plane crashes, and terrorists.    Here is my comment (in case they remove it from the blog post):

“ It’s time to stop believing in Santa Claus. Time to grow up. Time to realize we are all one species of mammal all sharing the same atmosphere and crust of a liquid hot ball of elements that will one day be destroyed by our own star when it runs out of hydrogen fuel. Once you realize we are all the same your hate will go away. Once you realize that religion was invented by man your hate will go away. I used to be a Christian Baptist until I hit 10th grade in high school and actually learned about how the world and universe works. I no longer needed a made up explanation of magic to fill in the gaps. I realize there are still a few more gaps but they don’t require a made up imaginary answer. Please stop the hate and get the best education you can, even if it’s just reading some books and research on the internet. Thank you for your time and may you have good journeys.”


I Joined the Church of Reality

June 12, 2008

Church of Reality

If it’s real, we believe in it.  My favorite part about this religion is that it’s not based on ancient fiction and dogma but actual reality and the here-and-now.  Since the core beliefs aren’t based on fiction with no evidence requiring faith with no proof, they are free to change like an open source religion.  I think it is very important that all of humanity work together as a whole to better the future for generations to come.  As of now, we seem to be spiteful, judgmental, greedy, hateful, bigoted, divisive, food-holes that are only here on earth temporarily until they can go to heaven to spend the rest of eternity not having to worry about much.  The Tree of Knowledge idea is a great one that needs to be pushed in schools and universities.  It is what really separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom.  I, for one, welcome this new religion with open arms – and an open mind!  From now on when people ask what religion I belong to I will answer with, “I am a realist.”