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Everyone in the world needs to watch this.

June 3, 2008

It is very important that everyone on this planet watch this video all the way through. It not only shows some of the many facts that support evolution but also shows why intelligent design is so wrong. It is the year 2008 for crying out loud. The human race should know by now that killing each other for ignorant reasons is just wrong. I, for one, will be working evolution into as many conversations as possible from now on – as long as I can remember to do so!

The Rockefeller University – A Symposium on Evolution


Turn garbage into electricity and fuel and roads!

April 24, 2008

Garbage Problem? Vaporize It., Florida County Plans To Ditch The Dump With Lightning Power – CBS News

Solve two problems with one solution! Basically instead of burning garbage with fire you disassociate every atom and molecule using electric plasma arcs. Then the gases can be used as a fuel in cars and the waste heat can create steam to turn turbines. It uses one third of the energy it creates to run itself so the extra gases and electricity can be sold back to pay for itself. As the world population grows we are making more garbage but are at the same time running out of space for landfills to bury our garbage. As more people build houses and cities sprawl out exponentially the energy needs of the globe are increasing as well. This solution solves both problems. I, for one, welcome this new technology and give it “Josh’s Seal of Approval”.

Mr. Fusion from Back to the Future is here!

April 22, 2008

StarTech – Environmental Corporation

This company has created a plasma converter.  This basically does what the Mr. Fusion did for the DeLorean time machine at the end of the first Back to the Future movie.  It turns ordinary household garbage into electricity!  It also has the added benefits of reclaiming all the precious metals and plastics chemicals that can be recycled and reused to make more things that we can throw away and make more electricity.  As long as you keep feeding it garbage it will make not only enough power to drive itself but also create gases and fuel for your car, home, etc.  I hope this technology really takes off!  What do you think about this?

5min – Planets in scale and size – Video

January 9, 2008

5min – Planets in scale and size – Video

This video shows just how small and insignificant we are. Watching this reminded me of the movie Contact and where the main character asks her dad if there are any others like us out there and he says, “If it is just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.” An awful waste of space indeed! Also, when thinking about the movie Contact I also think about the Drake equation which shows just how good of a chance that there is other life out there. The only problem is that it is probably so far away – maybe in another galaxy entirely – that we would have to travel faster than light to explore or communicate in a reasonable amount of time (less than 100,000 years or so). My biggest worry right now is trying to figure out how the human race will survive our sun’s demise. Sure it’s a long long long long long long long time from now, but it will happen. We will need to travel to the nearest earth-like planet orbiting another star entirely. We would have to create a space ship that has a self-sustaining food supply and water recycling. It may take so long to get there, the passengers would go through several hundred generations while on the ship. Imagine growing up and living your entire life on a space ship where you are told stories and shown video and pictures from a “planet” called “Earth” and how you are helping keep the human race alive and are on the way to inhabit a new planet? Would that be awesome? y/n