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5min – Planets in scale and size – Video

January 9, 2008

5min – Planets in scale and size – Video

This video shows just how small and insignificant we are. Watching this reminded me of the movie Contact and where the main character asks her dad if there are any others like us out there and he says, “If it is just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.” An awful waste of space indeed! Also, when thinking about the movie Contact I also think about the Drake equation which shows just how good of a chance that there is other life out there. The only problem is that it is probably so far away – maybe in another galaxy entirely – that we would have to travel faster than light to explore or communicate in a reasonable amount of time (less than 100,000 years or so). My biggest worry right now is trying to figure out how the human race will survive our sun’s demise. Sure it’s a long long long long long long long time from now, but it will happen. We will need to travel to the nearest earth-like planet orbiting another star entirely. We would have to create a space ship that has a self-sustaining food supply and water recycling. It may take so long to get there, the passengers would go through several hundred generations while on the ship. Imagine growing up and living your entire life on a space ship where you are told stories and shown video and pictures from a “planet” called “Earth” and how you are helping keep the human race alive and are on the way to inhabit a new planet? Would that be awesome? y/n